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Who we Are

Airgro is your preferred partner of choice in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in Africa. We have the expertise and capacity to successfully deliver projects for medium to large infrastructure developments in the commercial and industrial market sectors. Our ability to effectively manage those projects from initiation to commissioning has earned us the trust of our customers.

Airgro is committed to creating a comfortable working environment that promotes productivity and ensures ultimate customer satisfaction. While energy consumption requirements are balanced with health-based needs, our focus is on ensuring future sustainability.

Our successful track record is based on our expertise gained over years’ of experience in the delivery of complete, purpose-fit solutions that are complemented by 24/7 maintenance support. Our highly qualified and multi-skilled team has the capacity and flexibility to act quickly and effectively.

Established in 1986, Airgro is privately owned and managed by a board of directors. We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal with the capacity to serve a portfolio of customers across Africa.

About Airgro


Airgro specialises in the installation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial and industrial applications. We have the capacity to meet the demands of medium to large-scale engineering projects such as development ventures with typical floor space in excess of 125,000 sqm and basement areas of more than 250,000 sqm. Offering a 360-degree service from consulting and development to installation and maintenance, Airgro provides state-of-the-art solutions that are reliable, effective and cost-efficient.

We have a strong mechanical engineering capability with highly qualified and experienced engineers who are supported by our own in-house drawing, development, installation and maintenance teams. With sufficient capacity and skilled operators, our CAD and REVIT drawing facility manages demanding projects with proficiency.

Airgro delivers projects to specification, on time and within budget. Contracted as the HVAC project leader in infrastructure development ventures, we are dedicated to service excellence and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We deliver professionally engineered solutions according to international quality standards.

We deliver and manage HVAC service contracts for approximately 50 customers all over Southern Africa. Our main customers include large scale Building Contractors whose infrastructure development projects range from Shopping Malls, Business and Convention Centres, Office Complexes, Sport Stadiums, Factories and Plants as well as Hospitals and other public institutional buildings.

Our focus on a philosophy of personalised service has meant that Airgro enjoys a 90% rate of repeat business. Airgro’s new business is primarily facilitated by recommendation.



Personalised Service

Airgro conducts its business based on a customer relationship management approach. We offer a personalised service that is managed by senior directors and engineers. Over a period of 30 years, this has earned Airgro the reputation of a trusted and reliable HVAC partner.

Airgro assigns a lead engineer to each project. Engineers and draughts persons (CAD / REVIT operators) work with customers’ mechanical engineering teams ensuring economical and viable engineering solutions.

Airgro also appoints sub-contractors on a dedicated and exclusive basis. Sub-contractors specialise in jobs such as ducting and pipework installation, the majority of which takes place on site. Cost-competitiveness, competency and backup warranties are factors considered in appointing sub-contractors.

We have an open book policy and are completely transparent in the negotiation of contracts with customers. Costs of materials and equipment as well as sub-contractor quotations are shared.

Quality Service

At Airgro quality is non-negotiable. We follow international quality standards and operating procedures to achieve the best possible results – every time!

Company Culture of Empowerment

Airgro has built a strong team and culture of professional work ethic over time. Our collaborative spirit is what sets us apart.

We believe that our success lies in the empowerment of our people. Focused on continuous training through skills development, mentoring and coaching, we enhance the technical and managerial expertise of our staff which improve performance and work satisfaction. We promote decision-making with accountability that gives our employees a sense of ownership. With a team that is highly motivated and dedicated, Airgro makes the difference.

Airgro goes the extra mile by empowering service providers and previously disadvantaged individuals. We assist service providers to start their own sub-contracting businesses where employees can own a substantial portion of the business.

Why Choose Airgro?

  • Reliable service backed up by 24/7 maintenance support
  • Personalised service approach
  • Cost-conscious management, helping you save
  • Open and transparent communication
  • More than 30 years’ successful track record

Airgro is headed by Managing Director Plewman Meintjes. The board of directors and management team comprises 6 people with collective experience in excess of 100 years in the industry.

Airgro is a well-managed business which is demonstrated by double digit growth figures and the majority of our 75 employees having long service records of more than ten years.



Airgro has always been an equal opportunity company that does not discriminate with regard to race, sex or religion.

Both Tom Meintjes and Gerrit du Preez have since the early 1970’s trained people of all races, sexes and religions to positions previously reserved for whites.

Their positions included:

• Draughtsmen / -ladies
• CAD Operators
• Estimating clerks
• Technicians
• Sheetmetal Artisans
• Electricians
• Air Conditioning Servicemen

For the past few years Metalgama Erection and Borges Fabrication and Erection have been used as sub-contractors to install ducting and pipework respectively. This accounts for approximately 85% of the on-site labour component of the average air-conditioning installation.

Both the above-mentioned companies work for Airgro on a dedicated and exclusive basis. As a result of this relationship Airgro has been instrumental in getting both these companies to start new business, where previously disadvantaged employees own a substantial portion of the business. This initiative is now being developed further by the assistance of individuals to start their own contracting Companies to provide services to Airgro and other contracting companies. Airgro embraces the calls to change and transform society and business in South Africa and will continue to implement strategies to further these goals.

Airgro is a Level 4 Broad Black-Based Economic Empowerment company, providing a 100% procurement recognition to customers. Since inception, long before B-BBEE, Airgro followed a policy of no discrimination, enabling employees of all races, sexes and religions to occupy all types and all levels of positions within the company. Airgro embraces the call for transformation in South Africa and will continue to implement strategies to further these goals.

Download our B-BBBEE Certificate here

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